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Pros and Cons of Selling a House As Is

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  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 20 Jul, 2023

As a home seller, you may encounter challenges and hassles if you choose to sell traditionally on the market. To start, homes often require significant time and cash input to get prepared for the market and sell at maximum value. Further, there are a bunch of costly real estate agent fees and commissions, viewing processes, legalities, and closing costs to move through. 

In an ideal world, we’d all be game and geared up to go ahead, but in reality, necessary home sales can hit homeowners when they least expect it, often resulting from unforeseen events.  That’s where many property owners consider selling their house as is. 

To better understand exactly what your home sale options are, we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of selling a house as is and discuss who may benefit from this type of sale. 

What Does ‘As Is’ Mean for Buyers and Sellers?

A house ‘as is’ means you’re not responsible for any property repairs and you sell your property in its current condition. It also means the buyer should assume any possible issues on the house. 

Selling ‘as is’ is typically a home sale solution that buyers will seek if they don’t have the space or means to improve the state of their property for the market, or if they need to sell fast due to a change in circumstances. 

Why Do Sellers Choose To Sell ‘As Is’?

Homeowners might choose to sell as is for a number of reasons. They may not have the funds or time to make necessary renovations, they may need to sell quickly due to a life event like a job relocation or divorce, or the property might be an inherited one that the owner simply wants to offload.

‘As Is’ Home Sale From a Buyer’s Standpoint

For buyers, an ‘as is’ property can present opportunities and challenges. These properties are often priced lower than comparable homes in better condition, which could be attractive to investors or handy homeowners looking for a fixer-upper. ‘As is’ homes could have hidden issues, leading to significant repair costs down the line, which is why it can be more challenging selling a home ‘as is’ on the real estate market.

Let’s take a deeper look into the pros and cons of selling your house as is.

Pros of Selling a House As Is

It’s Time-Efficient 

A home as is can speed up your selling process because you won’t need to spend time making improvements or refinements before listing the property. Instead, you can list it immediately and allow potential buyers to assess its current state. 

You Can Save More Money

Selling a house as is brings financial benefits. Here are some reasons why it’s a money-saving strategy: 

  • No Repair Expenses: One of the financial advantages is that you won’t need to spend money on home improvements, and you may not lose selling your property. It can be beneficial if your property requires extensive repairs.
  • Speeds Up Selling Process: Sale ‘as is’ can also mean fewer months of carrying costs such as mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance, and property taxes.
  • Lower Marketing Costs: Homes sold as is can often be marketed to real estate investors looking for properties they can renovate, flip, and rent out, which might minimize marketing costs.
  • Reduced Agent Fees: You may sell your home without an agent’s help to save money when selling ‘as is.’ With market value high and commission fees burdensome, this could result in significant savings.

You’ll Get Rid of the Stress and Hassle

Selling a home can indeed be a stressful experience. For many people, a home is more than just a building; it’s a place full of memories. Selling can bring up a lot of emotions. You might be unsure how long it will take to sell your home, what price it will fetch, and whether the buyer will follow through with the purchase. But here’s how selling your home as is can minimize your stress:

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  • Simplified Selling Process: You can list your homes quicker, potentially leading to a faster sale without undergoing repairs or improvements.
  • Attracts Specific Buyers: Selling a home as-is can draw in some buyers who are specifically looking for properties they can renovate and resell or rent out. These buyers typically anticipate the repair needs of an ‘as is’ property and are prepared to take on these tasks.
  • Reduced Stress: By selling as is, you can avoid the stress associated with home repairs. You won’t need to worry about whether you’ve done enough to make your home appealing or negotiating with buyers about covering the cost of necessary repairs.

Selling As Is Involves Fewer Contingencies

Selling your house ‘as is’ usually involves fewer contingencies, which can make your process faster and more straightforward. In a typical home sale, the buyer may include a contingency in their offer that allows them to renegotiate or withdraw their offer if significant issues are found during a home inspection. When a house is sold as is, this contingency is typically waived, which means the buyer accepts your house in its current condition, faults, and all.

The sales process can move quickly by eliminating repair and other common contingencies. It can be especially beneficial for you as a seller if you’re looking to move easier due to a job relocation, financial hardship, or other factors.

When a house is sold as is, it’s clear from the start that you won’t be making any improvements. It can help avoid negotiations and potential disagreements down the line.

Cons of Selling a House ‘As Is’

As with anything, there are always two sides to a story. Selling a house as is can be a lifeline for many sellers, although consider the downsides as well to ensure you’re choosing the right option for your situation.

Lower Cash Offers

Buyers will factor the cost of needed repairs into their offer, often reducing their price to accommodate these anticipated expenses. As a seller, you’ll need to weigh the potential savings of not performing repairs against the possibility of receiving less for your property’s market value. 

Smaller Buyer Pool

When a house is listed as ‘as is,’ it signals to potential market buyers that there may be issues or defects with the property. Some buyers may perceive this as a risk and choose to look at other properties instead.

While an ‘as is’ property might have a lower initial price, the potential buyer could face significant costs for renovations. It could deter some buyers who are wary of incurring additional expenses.

Legal Risks of Selling As Is

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Given these potential legal pitfalls, you must consult a local real estate agent or lawyer before selling your property ‘as is.’

Full Disclosure Required

When selling a house ‘as is’ on the market, most jurisdictions will require you to disclose any known issues with the property. It could include structural problems, issues with major systems like HVAC or plumbing, and even issues like termite infestations or mold. Failing to disclose known issues can lead to legal problems down the line, including lawsuits from the buyer.

Fraud Claims

If you know about a problem with the property and intentionally hide it, you could face fraud charges. It is a serious legal issue and could result in significant financial penalties or criminal charges.

Title Issues

Issues with the property’s title, such as liens or ownership disputes need to be resolved before the sale can go through if you’re selling through a real estate agent. Selling ‘as is’ doesn’t absolve you of these responsibilities.

Compliance with Local Laws

Some jurisdictions have specific laws and regulations about ‘as is’ sales, including mandatory inspections or disclosures. You need to ensure you’re fully compliant with these to avoid potential legal issues.

Property Stigma

Homes sold as-is can sometimes be viewed negatively by buyers, and the stigma associated with selling a house ‘as is’ often stems from the perception that the property may have issues you don’t want to address.

How To Sell Your House As Is The Simple Way

Whether or not you choose to sell your house as it is depends on your personal situation. If you find the above disadvantages discouraging, selling your house as is to cash buyers can provide a tailored and structured solution. Cash buyers like My Tennessee Home Solution are real estate companies looking to purchase properties quickly and without traditional financing methods. These types of buyers often focus on supporting buyers in challenging situations that need help at hand quickly. 

If you want to sell your home as is without dealing with the uncertainties of the real estate market (or potential legal pitfalls), get in touch with the friendly team at My Tennessee Home Solution and learn how we can help you sell your home as is fast and for cash!

Why Your Balanced Approach in These Pros and Cons is Important?

Selling a house is a significant financial and emotional decision that can impact your future in various ways. Weighing the pros and cons of an as is contract plays a vital role in ensuring you make a wise choice that aligns with your goals and priorities. Learn the importance of this evaluation process and how it can benefit you as a homeowner.

You’ll Understand the Current Condition of Your Property

Conducting an assessment of your property’s current condition is the first step in the decision-making process. Identifying any major issues or needed repairs can give you a realistic picture of the house’s value in its present state. This knowledge is essential for setting appropriate expectations and determining whether selling as it makes financial sense.

It Will Allow You to Make Better Financial Decisions

Weighing the pros and cons of selling a house as is enables you to make a well-informed financial decision. Consider the potential costs of renovation or updates compared to the potential increase in the property’s value. Understanding the financial implications can help you decide whether investing in repairs is worthwhile or if selling as is may be a more practical option.

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You Can Set Realistic Expectations

The process of selling a house as is can be different from selling a fully renovated property. By evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, you can set realistic expectations regarding the selling price, the length of time the house might stay on the market, and the type of buyers you are likely to attract. Setting realistic expectations can prevent disappointment and frustration down the road.

Preventing Time Constraints

Weighing the pros and cons of selling as it allows you to assess whether selling quickly without repairs is more beneficial or if investing time and resources in renovations is feasible within your timeline. Understanding your timeframe will help you make the best choice to achieve your selling goals.

Identifying the Target Buyer Pool

Selling a house as is becomes easier when you have a group of local buyers you can trust, like My Tennessee Home Solution. By reaching out to potential buyers there to support you, you can increase the likelihood of a successful and simple sale.

You Reduce Stress and Emotional Attachment

Weighing the pros and cons of selling a house as is can help reduce stress and emotional attachment to the property. Emotions often play a significant role in the selling process, but a clear evaluation allows you to approach the decision objectively and rationally. Reducing emotional attachment can lead to better decision-making and a smoother selling experience.

Checklist for Homeowners Selling Their House ‘As Is’

Selling a property ‘as is’ requires a certain level of preparation to ensure a smooth transaction. Below is the checklist for homeowners considering this route:

    • Check Local Laws and Regulations: Different jurisdictions have laws involving ‘as is’ sales. Before listing your property, research your local regulations or consult with a real estate professional.
    • Get a Pre-Listing Inspection: While not required, getting your home inspected before listing can help you understand its condition and anticipate questions or concerns from buyers.
    • Disclose Known Issues: Even in an ‘as is’ sale, you’re typically required to disclose any known issues with the property. These disclosures should be detailed and honest to avoid potential legal issues.
    • Price Appropriately: ‘As is’ properties typically sell at a lower price than comparable properties in better condition. Consider getting an appraisal to help set a realistic price.
  • Contact a Cash Home Buyer: If you want to sell your home as is without the hassle and costs of selling on the real estate market, get in touch with a trusted cash home buyer like My Tennessee Home Solution who can make the process a breeze!


While we created this blog as your resource to make better decisions, we always encourage you to choose the hassle-free way of getting fast cash. If you’ve decided to sell your house as is, you’re in the right hand with My Home Tennessee Solution.

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to get rid of your distressed house or a landlord with tenants always leaving because of your rental property’s condition, My Tennessee Home Solution is here for you to get the best possible price for your property.

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