Selling a House With Termite History: What You Need to Know 

  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 28 Jan, 2024

Most first-time homebuyers want to purchase properties with few issues to tackle. This makes selling a house with termite history challenging, but not impossible. You can still sell your termite-infested or damaged house to willing Tennessee homebuyers if you take the right steps. 

My Tennessee Home Solution explains below how your termite problem might affect the sale and what you can do about it.  

How Termites Damage Homes

A thriving termite colony can permanently damage a building within six years of the initial infestation. Termites primarily eat wood but will feed on any substance consisting of cellulose. The adults consume their fill of materials before chewing up and transferring more to their growing larvae. 

Not only do termites eat wood, but they make their homes in wooden structures. Therefore, a person living in a home with termites will share their abode with thousands or millions of these ant-like insects. Many potential buyers consider termite activity a significant deal breaker. 

Inspecting for Termites

Before you price your house based on a termite infestation, you should confirm whether the infestation actually exists. Termites and ants look extremely similar. Some ant species can also infest buildings. Begin your investigation with a professional termite inspection. 

Scattered Shells and Bodies

Termites typically look paler than ants. Their bodies look less segmented, too. Winged swarmers like to hang out around building foundations and windows. Their presence indicates a severe infestation. 

You might also notice dead bodies around baseboards, near bottom cabinets, and similar areas within the home. Where ants will march out in the open to access food sources, termites prefer to remain hidden.  

Mud Tubes for Traveling

Check your basement for mud tubes that resemble the nests of dirt dobbers. These tubes begin at the floor and expand upward toward the ceiling. They can also hang from the ceiling. 

Termite Pellets

Termite feces, also known as pellets, are pieces of digested wood. They look like oval-shaped clumps of sawdust. You might find them near baseboards or the exterior foundation of a building. You might also discover the small holes termites use to discard the pellets.

Obvious Home Damage

Wooden structures become brittle as the colony eats the material. Check wooden paneling for chipped, weakened panels mottled with small holes. You should also inspect the rafters, flooring, and indoor walls. 

What To Do When Selling a House With a Termite History

Although selling a house with termite history has some obstacles, you can find a buyer willing to pay the right price. Take the correct steps and proactively prevent future termite infestations. You might have surprising luck following the appropriate investments. 

Contact an Exterminator

First things first: eradicate the colony as quickly and effectively as possible. Spare no expense in hiring a quality exterminator who specializes in termite treatment. Extermination procedures can take up to three days to complete.

The technician will inspect the home, administer the chemicals, and reinspect to ensure the colony didn’t survive. You’ll sell your home faster when buyers can rest assured they aren’t purchasing a property with an active, thriving infestation. 

Fix the Damage

Next, hire a restoration company to repair the termite damage. Appearances are half the battle when selling a house. Restoration specialists will replace or reinforce the chewed-up structures with fresh, undamaged materials. 

Your property insurance company may pay for these services, depending on your policy. Restoration services may take a few days to weeks, depending on the damage levels. Follow up the fixes by making the interior and exterior of the building look as appealing as possible.  

Be Open About the Damage

Finally, be transparent about the property’s history. A house with termite damage might not attract buyers willing to pay top dollar to acquire the property. However, you can still profit if you choose competitive corrective services and price your house at an appropriate dollar value. 

Alternatively, you might prefer that a buyer take the property off your hands as quickly as possible. My Tennessee Home Solutions can do just that, we are local home buyers who will buy your house as-is. Termite damage can make selling your home the traditional way difficult and expensive. Why not trust a five star home buyer to alleviate the burden.

My Tennessee Home Solution Will Buy Your Property

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