How to List Your House for Sale in Tennessee

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  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 28 Mar, 2024

Moving into a new house, whether because you’re relocating closer to a new job or simply looking for a change of scenery, can be an exciting endeavor. However, this journey requires most to say goodbye to a long-time family member: their current home. If you’re ready to put your home on the market, consider our top four ways how to list your house for sale in Tennessee. 

At My Tennessee Home Solution, we’re the area’s most trusted and reliable home buyers. So, to learn about real estate listings in Tennessee and move your house fast, count on us. However, we believe you should have options that best suit your preferences, so we’ll relay your options for home selling below.

Going the Traditional Real Estate Route

Many turn to traditional real estate agents or full-service agents since they handle all the details themselves, from in-home listing and home staging consultations to hosting open houses and providing escrow services. That means you have more free time to do other things, such as prepare your new home for moving in. 

Because they’re experienced, they also offer professional services with advanced marketing tools at their disposal and a proven home-selling plan. Therefore, although you have a contract that binds you to them, and they receive a high 5% to 6% commission fee from your sale price, you have a better chance of moving your property sooner (and at top dollar) with one of these agents. 

If you choose a broker, search for a qualified agent from a reputable team. Ask your neighbors or family members for recommendations and see if any have recently sold houses nearby. Once you have a list of agents, contact each and negotiate an agreement before signing a contract. 

Try a Full-Service Discount Agent for a Slightly Lower Commission Fee 

As you can guess by their name, full-service discount agents are brokers with about a 3% lower commission fee than traditional agents, with their rates ranging from 2% to 3%. Some may offer a flat fee instead, such as $5,000, while others are more open to negotiation, so it’s best to shop around for the best deal when it’s time to move

However, although they’re still full-service agents, which means they should offer everything traditional agents do, some may not include home staging consultations or listing professional photos in their rates. So, discuss all services before signing the contract. 

Sharing the Responsibilities with a Limited-Service Agent

Another way to list your house for sale is to search for a limited-service agent. If you have enough time to partake in the selling process and want more control over how things get done, these agents share responsibilities rather than take the reins. 

That means they only offer a portion of what the former two options do, such as MLS listing and Internet real estate marketing, while giving you more freedom to handle the rest. You’ll also pay a smaller commission fee, usually in the form of a flat rate. 

However, no two limited-service agents offer the same services, so ask what they offer before signing with them. For instance, some may offer the following services, but the more services on their menu, the higher their rates:

  • Pricing strategy and recommendations
  • In-home listing consultations
  • Home staging consultations
  • Closing assistance
  • And more!

Choosing the DIY Way with the For-Sale-By-Owner Method

The best marketing plan when trying to save money includes listing your house for sale by owner, taking the real estate agent out of the equation altogether. Unfortunately, although this is an available option that works, you’re saying goodbye to all real estate listing services, from consultations and listings to escrow and closing services. 

It also means you’re limiting yourself to just a few platforms like and Zillow, while mainstream sites like and MLS are off-limits, restricting your exposure and limiting potential buyers. Therefore, while you receive the full sales price and have absolute freedom during the selling process, many experts encourage sellers to at least consider limited-service discount agents first.

Choosing the Most Effortless Selling Process!

With My Tennessee Home Solution, all you have to do is submit your information, allow us to tour the property, accept your offer, and choose a closing date. We ask for zero fees when selling your home for cash and offer some of the highest off-market prices. Call our team at (615) 933-5431, and we’ll explain how simple selling your home can be.