How to Sell a House in Poor Condition

Poor-condition houses may cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix on your own to sell on the market.
  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 15 Aug, 2023

Selling a house is a significant undertaking, but when your property is in poor condition, the challenges are right at your doorstep. Investing time and money in repairs and renovations before listing it on the market is an option for some sellers, though for others, injecting additional months and hard-earned capital into a property in order to sell may deter many homeowners from even considering the selling process.

Fortunately, My Tennessee Home Solution is here to help with selling your house fast. As a company that will buy a house as-is, we understand the unique circumstances of homeowners looking at how to sell a house in poor condition. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of selling a house in poor condition, offering expert advice and insights to help you move forward in a manner that suits you.

Assessing Your House’s Condition

Before you learn how to sell a property in poor condition, it’s important to thoroughly assess the extent of its damage. Start by identifying areas needing major repairs, such as damaged roofing, cracked foundations, outdated plumbing, or serious electrical issues.

To get a clear picture of your house’s condition, consider hiring a professional home inspector. They will provide a detailed assessment, highlighting issues that require immediate attention and potential hidden problems. This evaluation of major repairs and minor repairs will help you in your decision on whether to make extensive repairs that may cost more than a few hundred dollars or to save money and decide to sell as-is. This inspection report will be valuable when negotiating with potential buyers and setting a fair asking price.

Understanding your house’s condition will also help you make an informed decision on whether to invest in repairs or to go ahead and sell as-is. While doing major repairs can increase the property’s value, they can be expensive and time-consuming. Selling as-is to My Tennessee Home Solution allows you to skip the repair process and expedite the selling procedure.

Fixing vs. Selling As-Is: Pros and Cons

A real estate investor interested in a home improvement project may have underestimated the task ahead.

If you want to know how to sell a house in poor condition, or if you want to continue staying in your home, start by gathering information and weighing up your options.

Selling as-is can be a more practical solution, particularly if you are in need of a quick sale and want to avoid the burden of repairs. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these factors will help you make a choice that works for your plans. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each approach:

Pros of Fixing a House in Poor Condition

Increased Market Value

By making necessary repairs and upgrades, you can enhance your property’s appeal and potentially increase its market value. Improving the house’s condition can potentially increase its market value, providing a better return on investment when selling in the future. This option may suit sellers with additional capital and flexible timing, as well as goals to maximize sale profits

Emotional Attachment

Home is where the heart is. If you have a strong emotional connection to the property or the neighborhood, renovating may allow you to preserve those memories. If you’re not serious about selling and have spare money and time to invest, repairs and upgrades may provide the opportunity to customize your house to your liking, ensuring it reflects your preferences and style.

Cons of Fixing a House in Poor Condition

High Costs

Depending on the condition of your home, extensive repairs and renovations can be extremely costly. In many cases, the expenses could surpass the added market value, resulting in a limited return on investment. 


Renovation projects can be time-consuming and weather dependent, disrupting your daily life and delaying your plans to sell or move. If you’re serious about selling your home and need a guaranteed sale within a specific timeframe, fixing it may not be a viable option for you.

Uncertain Outcome

Despite the investment in repairs, the property may still have limitations that deter potential buyers in the future. If you choose to repair the high ticket issues and leave minor issues for buyers to handle, you’ll still have to disclose this information to potential buyers and the extent of remaining repairs will likely negatively impact your home’s market value. 

Pros of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Quick Sale

Cash buyers are often real estate investors who are ready to make a swift purchase, allowing you to sell your house quickly, often within days or weeks. If you are facing unexpected foreclosure, for example, selling a probate home, or facing unforeseeable life changes, a cash sale allows you to sell your home fast with one less thing to worry about. 

As-Is Sale

Cash buyers purchase properties in their current condition, so you can avoid the time, effort, and expenses required for repairs. This is particularly advantageous for those who want to sell a house in poor condition. 

Certainty of Sale

Almost all cash buyers offer a guaranteed sale, meaning there’s less risk of the deal falling through due to financing issues. This provides you with a more reliable selling experience, and greater certainty as you move through your next steps.

Cons of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Limited Negotiation

Selling to a cash buyer might involve less negotiation, as the offer is usually non-negotiable and based on the property’s current condition. Further, there are some cash buyers around who will try to rip you off or take advantage of your need to sell. Good cash buyers like My Tennessee Home Solution offer a fair price for the value of your home, strong communication, and a transparent, fully supported process.

Emotional Attachment

If you have a strong emotional connection to the property, parting with it may be emotionally challenging. However, if you need to sell your home this would likely be the case if you were selling on the market as well.

In the end, the decision between fixing the house or selling to a cash buyer depends on your financial situation, timeline, and personal preferences. If you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free sale without the burden of repairs, selling to a cash buyer like My Tennessee Home Solution might be the ideal solution.

How to Sell A House in Poor Condition to My Tennessee Home Solution

You can transform your home even a little by updating outdated light fixtures.

At My Tennessee Home Solution, we pride ourselves on being the go-to cash buyer for houses in as-is situations. As experts in purchasing properties in need of repairs, we understand the unique challenges that homeowners face when trying to sell such homes. Our mission is to simplify the selling process for you, providing an alternative to the traditional listing and lengthy waiting periods associated with conventional sales.

If you’re wondering how to make selling your house in poor condition a breeze, consider selling to a cash home buyer like My Tennessee Home Solution. Here’s an in-depth look at how our process works:

1) Reach Out to Us

Take the first step by getting in touch with our cash buyer professionals. During this initial contact, we’ll have a conversation about your goals and the current condition of your property. Together, we’ll strategize the best way to move forward.

2) Comprehensive Site Visit

Our team will promptly schedule a convenient time to visit your property for a thorough assessment. This on-site visit allows us to understand the true potential of your home, taking into account the condition of your home.

3) Receive a Fair, Written Offer

Following the site visit and evaluation, we’ll provide you with a written, fair cash offer for your house. Our offer will reflect the as-is condition of your property.

4) Flexible Closing Date and Cash in Hand

Should you accept our offer, you’ll have the freedom to choose a closing date that aligns with your schedule. On the agreed-upon day, we’ll close the deal, and you’ll receive the cash from My Tennessee Home Solution. Our priority is to ensure a successful and seamless transaction for all our valued clients.


In conclusion, selling a house in poor condition can be daunting, but with guidance and support, you can navigate it successfully. 

Whether you choose to invest in repairs or opt for a quick cash sale of your house as-is with My Tennessee Home Solution, take action now and unlock the potential of your property. Contact us today to get started on your selling journey.