How Long Does It Take To Sell A House In Tennessee?

  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 19 Jan, 2024

If you plan to sell your house in Tennessee, you probably want to know how long the process will take from start to finish. While the exact timeline will depend on various factors, understanding the average number of days it takes to sell your house can help you plan better and make informed decisions. 

As local cash home buyers in Tennessee and the only 5-star rated company in the area to buy your home as-is, My Tennessee Home Solution has the knowledge and experience to answer the question: How long does it take to sell a house in Tennessee? 

Read on for pro tips on how to get better offers, speed up your sale, and save cash in the process. 

The Average Time To Sell a House in Tennessee 

While annual averages and numbers vary by month or season, houses in Tennessee sit on the market for 69 days on average.  

According to Redfin, you’ll probably sell your house the fastest (about 24 days) and for the highest average price in Tennessee in late spring or early summer (between May and July). Tennessee’s real estate market slows down in the winter months, around December and January. 

Factors Affecting The Selling Timeline

The following factors influence how long it takes to sell your house in Tennessee:

Pricing Strategy

You want to set a competitive price for your home. Overpricing may lead to a prolonged period in the market, while underpricing may rob you of the opportunity to get a suitable return on investment.

Consider doing a comparative market analysis (CMA) that compares the selling price of similar homes in your area. A CMA will also examine factors that affect your local real estate market, such as job growth, unemployment rate, and economic strength.

Property Condition 

How your property looks determines its attractiveness to potential buyers. A neglected house will take longer to sell than a well-maintained, staged, and updated property.

You can make a positive impression on buyers by enhancing curb appeal, staging, making necessary repairs, and decluttering. Staging your house and decluttering, for example, create an inviting atmosphere and make it easy for prospective buyers to envision living in the space.

Location and Neighborhood 

When answering the question, “How long does it take to sell a house in Tennessee?” consider the property’s location. Properties in popular areas with high demand sell fast. Tennessee has diverse neighborhoods, each with its local market dynamics and appeal.  

Work with a Tennessee real estate agent who understands the local market better and can provide valuable insights to sell your property faster and maximize your profit potential. 

Seek referrals from family and friends, then interview several candidates before hiring a real estate agent. 

Marketing and Exposure 

An effective marketing strategy helps you reach a wider audience of potential buyers, raising the chances of selling your property faster. 

Invest in social media marketing, professional photography, online listings, virtual tours, and other tools that allow you to showcase your house and attract potential buyers. 

It also helps to adopt a flexible approach to the entire process. Respond to inquiries and offers promptly and try to accommodate potential buyers’ requests to the best of your ability. Fast responses and flexibility can speed up the negotiation and closing process. 

The Cost of Selling a Home in Tennessee 

Selling a house in Tennessee comes with real estate commissions and closing costs. As a seller, you often have to hand over about 3% of the selling price to your agent and another 3% to the buyer’s agent as commission. Typical closing costs include: 

  • Attorney fees
  • Title insurance
  • Seller concessions
  • Transfer taxes
  • Mortgage taxes

Sell Your Fast House As-Is 

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