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Why Fast Home Buying Companies Don’t Charge Commission

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  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 07 Oct, 2022

Sell My House Fast Smyrna

If I needed to sell my house fast in Smyrna then the first thing that I would do would be to contact My Tennessee Home Solution!

sell my house fast Smyrna

Selling For Cash

Selling a home can be a long process. From hiring a real estate agent to closing on a final deal, selling a home is rife with red tape and detailed requirements. Yet while most buyers want a home that’s habitable right away and has little needed in the way of repairs, more sellers these days are putting their homes up as-is to skirt the need to fix up the place and still getting more than their asking price.  (1)

This creates a very interesting dynamic for those who are looking to sell. What is being listed is not what is desired by homebuyers. That is where cash home buyer enter the picture! Cash home buyers buy houses in any condition, typically with the intentions of fixing them up and selling them again. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to sell their house, but do not want to have to repair the broken air conditioning unit, update the kitchen countertops, and replace the old stained carpet flooring. It makes the entire process so much easier, and it eliminates a lot of the stress that surrounds selling a house! Here at My Tennessee Home Solution, that is what we do! We buy houses for cash so that you do not have to worry about any of the extra details that go into selling a house. We streamline the sale, making it an extremely efficient process. Selling for cash makes that a much more attainable goal!

If I needed to sell my Smyrna house fast then I would not hesitate any longer! Call My Tennessee Home Solution today to get a quote on your house! You can have the entire deal settled in as little as two weeks!

What To Look Out For In A Scammer

The first red flag to look for when identifying a suspicious cash buyer is a lack of communication and transparency. A reliable cash buyer with be straightforward with you, and provide you with the information that you are looking for upfront. If you ever feel like that information is being withheld from you, it would be wise to look for another buyer.

Where are you located?

Here at My Tennessee Home Solution, we buy houses in central Tennessee. If I were looking to sell my house fast in Nashville TN then I would give My Tennessee Home Solution a call! Similarly, if I needed to sell my house fast Smyrna TN then I would call My Tennesee Home Solution! 

Whatever your reasons may be for needing to sell your house quickly, My Tennessee Home Solution is here to help! We buy houses for cash and make your life a whole lot simpler! It is a great opportunity for everyone involved! Give us a call today to inquire about your options!

Why would somebody need to sell for cash?

There are so many reasons why people may need to sell their house for cash! The particular circumstances will vary from person to person, and everyone’s story is unique. Typically, we see people needing to sell their houses quickly for one of two general reasons. The vast majority of cash sales are due to financial hardship. They were facing foreclosure due to their inability to make their monthly mortgage payments, and they are wanting to sell before the foreclosure comes to fruition. Another common occurrence that we see is the death of a family member. After the case has gone through court, the family is left with the house and they are not sure what to do with it. Selling to a cash home buyer such as our team here at My Tennessee Home Solution can be a wonderful option because you do not have to worry about the cleaning and damages that often come with houses owned by those in their final years.

Is selling for cash really that much quicker?

It truly is! People tend to underestimate the power of a cash sale, particularly when they are looking to sell a house quickly. By eliminating the middleman, you save a lot of time and energy! You no longer have to deal with the frustrating back and forth that accompanies receiving offers and negotiating on those offers. It is all a much more efficient process when you sell to a cash home buyer!

How do I know that I won’t be scammed?

This is something that a lot of people worry about when they consider the option of selling to a cash buyer. There is this widespread notion out in the world today that cash buyers are trying to scam you or steal your money. This is simply not the truth. Cash home buyers here at My Tennessee Home Solution are trying to do just the opposite. We want to get you the best value for your house with the least amount of stress possible! 

Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who are looking to take advantage of you. So, how do you avoid those people? The best way to prevent yourself from being scammed is by doing your research. Look into what the red flags are for untrustworthy home buyers, and learn what to look for in a sound cash buyer. By doing your research, you eliminate a lot of the risk that is commonly associated with cash home buyers! 

Veteran Owned

My Tennessee Home Solution was founded by a team of veterans, and we are owned by veterans! We are very proud of our background, and we use the skills that have been developed in our years or service to be able to serve you in the best way possible! We are hard workers, and we value communication! We understand how stressful this entire process can be, so we try to be flexible in working with you in every way that we can!

Give Us A Call!

If you are interested in selling your house to a reliable and trustworthy cash home buyer, reach out to us today! We will come out and evaluate the property so that we can make you an offer! After that, we will set a closing date to wrap it all up! It really is that simple of a process! We cannot wait to hear from you, and we cannot wait to work with you!