How We Helped a Spring Hill, TN Resident Sell House To Downsize and Avoid Repair Costs

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100 Baker Springs Lane
Spring Hill, TN 37174

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In this case study, we relay how our empathetic and prompt team helped a couple out of a tough situation. My Tennessee Home Solution met with Lisa Martin to discuss wanting to sell her house to downsize. 

If you, like Lisa, are wondering, “How can I sell my house fast in Spring Hill, TN?” contact our veteran-owned and operated company.

Meeting the Distressed Property Owner 

One afternoon, Lisa Martin reached out to our qualified team to finally unload her problematic property. Five minutes after submitting a form, our team called her, paying close attention to her situation and concerns. Then, we relayed our process and offered same-day services. 

By that afternoon, Jordan (CEO/Owner) drove to 100 Baker Springs Lane in Spring Hill, TN to conduct a home valuation. 

Understanding the Situation and the Need for Change

Lisa owned this residence for almost 20 years but was currently living elsewhere. Household repairs became so overwhelming the couple could no longer afford them. The only options were to continue with the never-ending, costly repairs or let go of the money pit and move. 

Unfortunately, the needed repairs made living in the residence difficult. Lisa had to move into a smaller apartment for the next 15 months while her husband, George, was away receiving treatment in Nashville for the better part of a year. With fewer funds dedicated to bills and managing a large house, they knew a tough decision had to be made.

The mutual decision was to sell their house and downsize. At 58, Lisa was planning to retire in the upcoming years and wanted a smaller home now that her children were grown and moved out. Still, she desired a new place in the same area close to her kids and grandkids.

How MTHS Closed Quickly With a Cash Payout

Because of the home’s condition, Lisa knew she would sell to an investor, but didn’t know who. When MTHS popped up on social media, compelling her to do further research, she quickly found a company she could trust after reading about past clients who were raving with countless five-star reviews. Not only that, but she found the Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ rating.

Lisa was surprised at how quickly MTHS showed up to assess the property. Based on market analysis and the home’s condition, Jordan offered a fair and unbeatable cash offer that Lisa couldn’t turn down. The efficient and transparent process proved comfortable, easy and informative, and we closed the sale that same month within the expected time frame. 

Make Positive Changes Like Lisa With MTHS by Your Side!

If you need to sell your house fast like Lisa, whether it’s a new job or downsizing, My Tennessee Home Solution makes cash offers. Decluttering and undergoing repairs aren’t necessary for closing at a good price. So, call (615) 933-5431, to sell a house in Spring Hill, TN to downsize today!

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