Should You Renovate Your Home Before Selling It?

  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 24 Jun, 2024

If you’re selling your house, one of the top questions to answer is, “Should you renovate your home before selling it?” At My Tennessee Home Solution, we buy houses in Nashville for cash, eliminating the need for repairs or real estate listings. Still, you might wonder if cost-effective renovations for resale are the best ways to ensure a sale for a great price. 

Unfortunately, maximizing profits when selling your home isn’t as easy as you think. Below, our team explains what you should know before upgrading your Nashville residence to sell it and why selling to an investor before doing repairs is often times the best choice.

Why Nashville Homeowners Renovate Houses Before Selling Them

When Nashville residents follow the traditional selling process involving a real estate agent, listings on local markets, home showings, and professional photographs of the house, they must make the property as appealing as possible which often includes renovations and repairs. Attractive, well-put-together houses with new features and amenities can sometimes sell for higher prices. 

How Repairs and Renovations Can Increase Home Selling Value

Sometimes improvements increase home values. General repairs to fix broken features and structures and a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors work well for many homeowners. Those projects along with professional cleaning and decluttering tend to have good returns on investments.

Why Making Pre-Sale Home Improvements Aren’t a Guarantee 

Unfortunately, repairing and renovating your house isn’t always the best way to approach a home sale. The average renovation cost in 2024 is over $40,000, so upgrading your residence will be substantially harder if you lack the budget. Finding cost-effective ways to enhance your property’s appeal is possible, but you’ll still spend money. 

You could also spend your money on the wrong renovations. Not everything yields the same return on investment.

For instance, improving your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers with landscaping might not be ideal. While the house’s exterior should be clean and well-maintained, professional landscape designs will include your preferences, which might differ from homebuyers’ personal tastes.

Common Mistakes Nashville Property Owners Make When Renovating Homes Before Selling

So should you renovate your home before selling it? Unfortunately, many Nashville homeowners try to improve their properties to get the most money possible during a sale only to realize that the process wasn’t worth it. Too many things can go wrong during renovations including the following.

Hiring the Wrong Contractors

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when renovating or repairing a house for sale is hiring the wrong company. It’s not uncommon for people to seek the most cost-effective renovations for resale. Unfortunately, this often includes working with cheap, possibly inexperienced or careless contractors. 

Contractors, painters, and builders can provide cost-effective services while still having the necessary qualifications, experience, skills, and equipment to complete projects correctly. Any time you hire someone to work on your house, you should vet them thoroughly to ensure they can do what you need them to do successfully. 

You also have to consider mechanic liens. These liens ensure contractors, construction crews, builders, and suppliers get payment for projects. If your Nashville home has a mechanic lien due to hiring help for renovations, it’ll complicate the home sale. 

Having Poor Quality Home Renovations

You might consider tackling the project as a do-it-yourself endeavor to save money on renovations. Unless you have money to spare and years of general contracting experience, DIY home improvements for a house resale are a bad idea. 

First, you still have to spend money on supplies and equipment for DIY home renovations. If you lack the right tools and materials, your work could look amateurish, which is a turnoff to Nashville homebuyers. If you make mistakes due to inexperience, you’ll still have to hire someone to fix the mess, which is a higher expense with no guarantee about the quality of their work. 

Paying Too Much for Repairs

If you need to sell your home fast, renovations will slow down the process. It’ll also cause you to incur additional expenses, which can be a problem if your budget doesn’t allow the upgrades. If you choose undesirable upgrades like in-ground swimming pools and wall-to-wall carpeting, paying thousands of dollars on home improvements will be a greater financial hit. 

Top Benefits of Selling a Nashville Home to an Investor or Cash Buyer

When asking yourself, “Should you renovate your home before selling it?” you shouldn’t ignore the power of a cash sale to an investor. House flippers and wholesale investors often buy properties in Nashville for cash to fix them up themselves or resell them.

These companies specialize in buying houses for cash regardless of their condition. With this route, you can skip the hassle and stress of hiring someone to renovate your home while hoping buyers like the improvements enough to make an offer that generates a decent ROI. 

Other reasons to sell your house for cash instead of taking the traditional home-selling route include:

  • Straightforward Process: Investors offer fair prices and fast closing dates so that you can sell your property quickly without the extra work. 
  • No Repairs or Renovations: Since these companies and individuals buy houses in any condition, you won’t have to repair or renovate your home. The lack of home improvements saves time and money.
  • Excellent Flexibility: If you must relocate quickly due to life circumstances, investors offer more flexibility than the typical real estate process. 

Ready to Sell Your Nashville Home for Cash? Contact My Tennessee Home Solution Now

Should you renovate your home before selling it in Nashville? You can upgrade the property before listing it, but homeowners don’t always get a return on investment for home renovations. Instead, turn to My Tennessee Home Solution and we’ll buy your house as-is.  With us, you don’t have to worry about the long home selling process or costly renovations. As Nashville’s only five-star company that purchases properties in any condition, we provide streamlined services with no commissions and fair cash offers. We’re the go-to choice to sell houses with liens and as-is properties—call (615) 933-5431 today to begin.