Does Staging Help Sell a House?

  • By My Tennessee Home Solution
  • 28 Apr, 2024

Selling a well loved home can be a stressful experience. You developed an emotional connection to the property throughout the years, so you want to sell it to a buyer who appreciates it just as much as your family. 

How can you secure quality buyers? Does staging help sell a house to the perfect family? At My Tennessee Home Solution, we buy houses in Nashville, Tennessee, and outline how staging leads to a faster sale to serious buyers below. 

What Does Staging a Home Entail?

When you spend time at a mall or similar retail strip, you probably notice that stores often set up displays in the windows. These displays attract potential customers with creative scenes featuring products or mannequins wearing available clothes. Employees stage these display scenes to influence purchasing decisions. 

Staging a home works similarly. It enhances the visual appeal of the property, especially the places that home-buying window shoppers will see the most. However, many sellers feel tempted to skip this step and cut their losses since selling and moving present enough challenges. 

Does Staging Help Sell a House?

Skipping home staging may be a grave mistake. Although it eliminates part of an already arduous process, your property could suffer from a longer stay on the market and lower purchasing offers. As a seller, you must treat your property like a continuous marketing campaign until it finally sells. 

So, does staging help sell a house faster or at a higher price? It certainly can with a little hard work or with the assistance of a dedicated staging professional.

How Staging Quickens the Selling Process

You want your property to look enticing to homebuyers. Therefore, you and your staging professional should focus on the following aspects:

  • Outdoor spaces: The classic picket-fence image comes to mind when many people envision an idyllic new home. You want your lawn and yard to look beautifully manicured with pops of seasonal color to attract new eyes to the property. 
  • Interior aesthetic appeal: Even if you are in the process of buying your next house, you want your selling property to look organized, peaceful, and cozy. Keeping clutter to a minimum and storing belongings out of sight can help you earn a higher selling price.  
  • Cleanliness: Many homeowners get used to the way their homes smell. Forgotten nooks and crannies that collect dust and dirt may also go unnoticed. However, people who are new to the building will immediately pick up on these imperfections. 
  • Projecting a vision: You’re not just selling the property; you are selling an idea of how a potential buyer’s life might look if they lived in your home. The decor, cleaning methods, and landscaping techniques used to stage the home should reflect a particular lifestyle and vision. 

What If You Don’t Stage Your Home?

If you don’t stage your home, you might still sell it — eventually. You may also cut the price numerous times to hook a solid, steady deal. On the other hand, you might also consider staging the home yourself. 

However, staging a property to prepare it for the market requires an artistic eye and interior design skills. You can’t simply rearrange your leftover furniture and sweep the floor in hopes you’ll attract buyers. You need professional advice from experienced home stagers who know where buyers look, what attracts them, and what stage designs get sellers the highest possible price. 

Ways To Stage Without Eating Into Your Resources

Professional staging services don’t have to eat into your budget. Your listing concierge service or staging professional might recommend the following tactics to achieve the highest investment return:

  • Two or three focus rooms: Staging an entire house is exhausting. Plus, it leaves little to the buyer’s imagination. You may only need to stage a bedroom, living room, and office space to tempt visitors’ creativity. 
  • Identifying a lifestyle that aligns with the rest of the neighborhood: If you live on a street populated with single-family homes, you might project a simple, family-centered lifestyle with a children’s bedroom and an open, welcoming yard. 
  • Crafting a welcoming, simple landscape design: Getting your lawn into ship shape is more effective than any welcome mat or “for sale” sign. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and pick up debris. 

Set the Stage for a Satisfactory Sale with My Tennessee Home Solution

Does staging help sell a house? Yes, it can.

My Tennessee Home Solution is ready to buy homes in any condition. Selling a house when relocating can be a source of stress, chaos, and confusion, but we have the resources to make things easier. 

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