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Brandon Speer

Brandon's bio:

Brandon is a Tennessee native, born in Chattanooga. He’s been blessed and privileged with the opportunity to live abroad and travel extensively. Those travels led him to southwest Virginia, where he met his incredible and stunning wife, Eden. His real estate journey began several years ago after watching Fixer Upper and First Time Flippers thinking he could rip and roar on demo day with the best of them. His pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors led him to Nashville, back to his TN roots.He enjoys a latte, preferably with pastries (yes, plural); traveling with his wife, ideally along a route or to a destination with an abundance of coffee shops and bakeries, is a favorite pastime. He considers himself mildly funny, is a soon-to-be dad, and has been practicing dad jokes for many years in preparation. Most importantly, he strives daily to serve God, express love and empathy toward others, and is passionate about serving people.